Sworn Translations

The main activity of TRADA is the translation of legal texts in most languages.

For legal texts, TRADA usually offers sworn translations which bear the signature and the stamp of the sworn translator.

A sworn translation is in fact a translation made by a translator who is registered as a sworn translator at a court, after taking the oath before that court. A sworn translation also bears the signature and the stamp of the sworn translator. A translator is registered as a sworn translator by a court after a thorough examination by the court and the associated police services, in order to make sure that the translator has the right skills to be approved as a sworn translator for the languages in question.

Examples of documents for which a sworn translation is often required:

  • judgment
  • decision
  • reminder
  • summons
  • service
  • order
  • articles of association
  • memorandum of association
  • terms and conditions of sale
  • marriage certificate
  • certificate of celibacy
  • divorce certificate
  • birth certificate
  • diploma
  • extract from the criminal records
  • letter from an official body
  • pay slip
  • identity card
  • driving licence
  • sale agreement
  • will
  • minutes of a hearing

For all other legal documents it can also be useful to opt for a sworn translation, instead of a simple translation, when the translation is required by a given body. In case of any doubt about the necessity of a sworn translation, TRADA always offers you a sworn translation.

Sworn translations are sent to you by e-mail and/or by mail.

Feel free to contact me for further information or an offer