Legalised Translations

In some cases, it is required that sworn translations are legalised. TRADA also offers you legalised translations.

Like a sworn translation, a legalised translation bears the signature and the stamp of the sworn translator.
Additionally, at the registry of the court at which the translator is registered as a sworn translator, the translation is authenticated by the stamp and the signature of the President of the court. More precisely, this stamp and
signature authenticate the signature of the sworn translator.

A legalised translation is attached to (a copy of) the authentic instrument, in order to be valid.

The legalisation takes 1 business day, because the translation must remain 1 day at the registry of the court for legalisation. TRADA sends you the legalised translation by mail or you can collect it by prior appointment.

TRADA offers legalised translations in most languages. These translations are
legalised by the court.

Examples of documents which often require a legalised translation:

  • marriage certificate
  • certificate of celibacy
  • divorce certificate
  • birth certificate
  • diploma
  • extract from the criminal records
  • letter from an official body
  • pay slip
  • identity card
  • driving licence

In case of any doubt about the necessity of a legalised translation, TRADA always offers you a legalised translation.

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